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The Story of Murilo Augusto

„As a young boy
I missed out on the good stuff – Music!“


„Suddenly I could hear sounds
I never heard before.“

When Murilo was a young boy, his parents often thought he was not paying attention and not willing to listen to what other people had to say. What they didn’t know was that Murilo couldn’t hear and understand them. At the age of ten, Murilo was diagnosed with a significant hearing loss. With the support of his family, he opted for hearing aids and arranged a visit to Audium, a member of Connect Hearing Group.

His hearing care professional tested Murilos hearing and together they picked out a set of hearing aids. After the fitting, Murilo stepped outside the store and into a noisy world for the first time in his life. He was fascinated by the new sounds that he discovered: he clicked his tongue, snapped his fingers and clapped his hands – and laughed loudly in astonishment.


Hearing aids
make way for great passions.


Today, he leads a different life and his hearing aids have become his best friends. Back in school, Murilo blossomed and his vocabulary expanded. Also, being able to hear again made Murilo realize that he would like to entertain others with sounds as well: He learned to play the trumpet and could not imagine his life without his music. And he won`t have to – thanks to his new hearing aids.